Hiking The Annapurna Circuit Trek In Nepal

Trekking the Annapurna circuit can be an amazing adventure with the benefit of exposing to the beauty of nature and at the same time working well in helping you unwind from your normal busy working schedule. The trail is very popular in Annapurna and across the boundaries. Hence tourists come to the region from far and wide to enjoy what the circuit has to offer. This circuit passes through four regions which are Myagdi, Mustang, Manang and Lamjung. It offers breathtaking views of beautiful villages and subtropical valleys.

It is also famed for the amazing waterfalls, majestic cliffs and splendid forests. The Manang region is very popular because it is within it that Hindus pay pilgrimage to the Tibetan-Buddhist Muktinanth. Apart from the stunning nature to enjoy during the trekking, you will have the chance to experience the region’s culture. The circuit is generally made up of breathtaking vegetation, landscapes, wildlife, peaks and rivers making it a complete adventure for nature lovers.

Best Trekking Times

The Annapurna circuit trek can be enjoyed best in spring running between the months of March and May. This is also an amazing time to enjoy some mountain climbing in the region. The wild flora including rhododendron blossom in this period creating breathtaking views you will simply love to enjoy. The temperatures remain moderate even in higher elevations. Hence it is the perfect time for trekkers to enjoy the circuit. September through to December is also a great time to trek the circuit to enjoy its natural landscapes.

Getting Ready For Your Trek

To enjoy the very best of the Annapurna circuit trek, you will need to get ready for the hike. Your choices before the hike can determine how pleasant your experience is going to be.

Decide whether you will go alone or in a group and whether you will need guides. Guides ensure you don’t miss out on the amazing features of the circuit so consider getting guides.
Get your trekking kit ready depending on how long you will be gone. Consider the days and all the supplies you need. Trek packages will usually include sleeping bags, accommodation, jackets and food; hence you won’t have much to pack for the trek.
Build your leg strength with some gym workouts or walking days before leaving for the trek. It will prepare the body for the long walk ahead.
Choose the right footwear. This is important considering that you will be walking for long making it very important to have comfortable, but protective shoes at the same time. Boots are most ideal for treks, but you might find it necessary to choose lightweight ones to make your walking easier. Scooped ankle cuffs will be great in keeping irritation at bay.
Get walking socks made from materials with sweat wicking properties to keep the feet as dry as possible. Your feet should generally be as comfortable as possible.
Get personal trekking gear and equipment such as walking poles and the right clothing to match the temperatures. Some are not provided in the trek packages so find out what you might need to take care of yourself.

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